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Washington Road Trip

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

We are off-the beaten path people and we love nature and anything worth a click! And we are heading out to the Pacific Northwestern part of the USA this weekend. Pacific Northwestern part of the US includes the states of Oregon and Washington. This area is one of the most diverse regions you can set foot on, towering mountain ranges, amazing rain forests, beaches, swamps, skiing, farming, spas, wineries, coffee shops, Boeing factory and software industries.. water and mountains an amazing combination! A treat for our eyes and our lenses and am sure we’ll bring back memories and pictures to last forever.

Duration : 4 nights and 4 days

Location : Pacific Northwest – Washington State, US

Travelers: V and R

Mode of transport : Continental Airlines flight to Seattle and then a Hertz compact car rental

The plan:

Fly into Seattle, visit friends and then head out for our road trip. We plan to drive the 440-mile cascade loop covering some of the best scenic places Washington State has to offer. A road trip offers us the opportunity to takes things at our own pace and spend time doing what we enjoy the most clicking photos and admiring views. We do have some timings planned out but we are just going to take things as it comes.

The major places we plan to visit include the parts of the North Cascade National Park, parts of the San Juan Islands, parts of the Olympic National Park.

The best part is that this region is filled with spectacular waterfalls, diverse climates, and quaint towns with homely bed and breakfasts, spectacular wildlife. We are planning to have fun and we hope we to update this blog as we are on road. Ha! There you go, our scary-on now includes a laptop and all the assorted accessories it comes with.

Look for your updates from the road starting September 1st.


Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Welcome to Scary-on – The travel tales of V, R and Baby I

Our travels always include good food, nature, wildlife and amazing architecture! We are both nature lovers and our list of places to see is long and never ending! And the worst part of travel? the luggage! fitting in the necessary stuff within the baggage limits and managing the huge carry-on backpack which is our scary-on containing R’s camera stuff and Baby I’s diaper bag. Armed with a tripod, assorted lens and camera stuff, filter, polarizers, maps, print-out, guidebooks, reservations, binoculars, diapers, wipes, blankies, blinkies, toys, good eats and anything you can dream of we are ready to explore the world. Jump in to check our travel tales through the world.
Baby I has joined us and our travels will also focus on kid-friendly locations and activities.
See the world through our eyes and our lenses!
Bon Voyage!